All Our Species

  • Beaver

    The Heart of Argyll is the official home of the Scottish Beaver Trial. There are two species of beaver: the North American beaver (Castor canadensis) and the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber). The Eurasian beaver is native to the UK and is the species involved in the Scottish Beaver Trial. Until Read more [...]

  • Bottlenose Dolphin

    At least two pods visit our Hebridean waters. They are often seen on boat trips, but not usually in the winter time. Tursiops truncatus, commonly known as the common bottlenose dolphin or the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (and in older literature simply as the bottlenose dolphin, a term now applied to Read more [...]

  • Common Seal

    Common seals are to be found in the Heart of Argyll. They have V-shaped nostrils, as opposed to the larger greys parallel ones.They have fine spot-patterned grey or brown fur and a rounded head, with no ears visible. They are about 1.5 metres, and weigh less than 150kg. Females can Read more [...]

  • Golden and White-Tailed Eagles

    The Heart of Argyll is lucky to play host to both species of British Eagle. The golden eagle and the larger white-tailed (sea) eagle are seen here. These are much larger than any other birds, and the white-tailed sea eagle. A female sea eagle can have a wingspan of up Read more [...]

  • Grey Seal

    Grey seals (Halichoerus grypus, meaning “hooked-nosed sea pig”) have grey and brown fur, sometimes with a pattern of blotches. They have no ears visible and a long muzzle. Their nostrils are parallel. They are larger and darker than a common seal, with flat or convex profile to its head (the Read more [...]

  • Heart Of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

    Visit us at our new visitor centre at Barr an Daimh (opening April 2017) and let us show you the fantastic variety of wildlife the Mid Argyll area has to offer. We provide an Environmental Interpretation Officer (Ranger) service within Knapdale and its surrounding area offering wildlife guided walks and Read more [...]

  • Otter

    European Otters (Lutra lutra) are quite common in the Heart of Argyll. They swim and fish in the sea, but must wash in fresh water afterwards. They tend to live inland a bit from our coasts. They are opportunists, and will eat everything from frogs to fish. Otter faeces are Read more [...]

  • Red Deer

    Red Deer are the largest UK deer. They are red-brown in colour, and have no spots. Their rumps are creamy with no black linesThe males sport impressive branched antlers. Older, more dominant males tend to have more points on their antlers. They rut from late September until November. They can Read more [...]

  • Red Squirrel

    We are very lucky in the Heart of Argyll to have kept a healthy population of Red Squirrels (Sciurus Vulgaris). These wee characters are always a pleasure to watch. There are no grey squirrels in the Heart of Argyll, and we hope that remains the case, as there presence usually Read more [...]

  • Wild Argyll

    Nature, People and Inspiration. Explore one of Europe’s most fascinating and dramatic landscapes on a bespoke adventure. Our journeys by kayak or on foot can be quite short but our journeys of the mind go far and wide. Discover extraordinary natural and cultural worlds and enjoy freedom, fresh air, fun Read more [...]