The Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance Limited HoATA is looking for iconic images that capture all that the Heart of Argyll has to offer. We know that locals and visitors take fantastic photographs every day, and we want you to share yours with us so that everyone can enjoy your images! We have some fantastic prizes. We will choose the very best photos that will best promote the area. We have identified four categories:
Water: Think sea, beaches, harbours, canals, lochs, rivers, boats…
Nature: Think wildlife, flowers and fauna, birds, nature reserves, forests, fungi, butterflies, dragonflies…
History: Think stones, cairns, monuments, archaeological artefacts, historic sites, rock art, castles…
Events and Festivals in the Heart of Argyll: Think people, family, kids, events, sport & adventure, festivals…

Overall category winners will be awarded the following prizes:
Water Category: A trip for 2 on the Sea Leopard
Wildlife category: A day with wildlife photographer Philip Price
History category: Your personal guide to show you around the sites of the Kilmartin Glen and a voucher for the Kilmartin Museum Café plus free entry to the museum itself.
Events & Festivals in the Heart of Argyll category:2 Tickets to Bowfest 2018.
There is also a top prize for the most outstanding photograph: £500 towards photographic equipment.

How to enter:

Initially, share your photographs with ‘Heart of Argyll’ via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag: #HeartofArgyllpic . If your social media submissions make it through the first stage, they will be acknowledged and you will be invited to submit your highest resolution photograph to us by email to info@heartofargyll.com . By submitting your photos to us by email you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions of the competition as set out below. The Heart of Argyll Photographic promotion committee will categorise the photos and may enter a photograph into more than one category. (Maximum 10 entries per person.)
We look forward to seeing your entries!


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